I’m Tracey and I’m 53 years of age. I have always kept fairly fit but this last year I changed my workouts from being totally cardio based to weight lifting.  This has been under the guidance of my online coach Bret Contreras.   I like to train 5 times a week at the Energie gym.

September 2019 I tried out at my first bikini body building comp with UKUP Federation (northern champs) & obtained a gold and silver medal in the masters. I qualified for the British finals and won a bronze.  I was over the moon to say the least as this was my first season.

My passion has always been to hopefully inspire women (particularly the maturer lady) to incorporate weight training into their lives.  I wanted to show that at any age we can improve our health, well-being and strength. 

It’s been an amazing journey and one I hope to continue to share through my Instagram page  t_that_lifts

Here’s a picture of me at the British finals.  You can see how happy I am